Introducing the Writer


Everyone has their quirks that make them interesting and unique. Some people constantly laugh at their own jokes, even if they aren’t funny, and others always put hearts or smiley faces over their i’s. A few can’t help but to refer to themselves in the third person, and we all have that one friend who has to be the center of attention or the world might stop spinning. Then every once in awhile you run into that person who you never know if they are serious or not because he calls everyone dad because of his fascination of Darth Vader.

Personally I am none of those people. Okay occasionally I’ll refer to myself in the third person and my jokes are hilarious, so of course I laugh at them. Not really though. I can’t tell a joke to save my life, but that’s besides the point. Those quirks come with other people and other interesting stories which I hope to eventually share with you.  As for me, well I hope to enlighten you with some quirks and fun facts so I am not just a writer, for I am a person.

I am a human being, more particular, female.

I am painfully sarcastic, especially when it comes to ignorant people.

I am right handed.

My body makes cracking noises, and I like to irritate people with them.

I am remarkably candor.

If I am in a conversation and I can’t think of a word, I will stop until I finally recall it.

I do not watch goat porn.

I am agnostic, but if I did believe in God, it’d probably be some sort of alien that seeded this planet then realized it failed as soon as humanity began to show up so it bailed.

I hate when I’m right and people think I’m wrong.

I am easily distracted  when I want to be.

I am an eternal optimist, sometimes.

Usually I am a pessimist.

Actually it depends on the day.

I am completely open minded.

I clap like a seal while laughing.

I have a dirty mind, but don’t we all?

I wish I could play five instruments.  I can’t.

Don’t think for a second I actually care what you have to say if you’re trying to offend me.

I was born at a really young age.

I cannot stand routine.

I am regularly looking for different experiences, opportunities, and passions.

I love weddings and dancing at them.

Activities come easy to me, but I don’t always put in the effort.

I strive to be a kitchen god.

I don’t know everything.

– ꓘC

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